Not Your Typical Museum Trip

After hearing I would be going to the Newseum, I was ecstatic. Normally, I am not one to step foot anywhere near a museum, however, this one was different. I first visited the Newseum in 10th-grade with my mom and sister. I remember not being too thrilled to go because I assumed it would be boring, like normal museums are. Nonetheless, I was way wrong!

O.J. Simpson’s trial suit on display at the Newseum. Photo by Carly Greenberg

Unlike normal museums, this one was far different. It displayed topics that I was genuinely interested in (sorry Museum on Natural History, nothing personal…). It’s like not like a regular museum, it’s like a cool one (*insert mean girls quote here). I was able to see more in depth exhibits  about 9/11, O.J. Simpson’s murder trial, and even the Berlin Wall. Whereas we normally don’t see those kinds of topics shown or displayed in museums.

There is one exhibit in particular that pertained my interest. I know I would never see this exhibit in a normal museum, which is why it stood out to me the most. The Pulitzer Prize Gallery exhibit features the top Pulitzer Prize winning photographs since 1942. It is truly remarkable to observe how some of these pictures displayed such powerful messages. I was even more amazed how some photographers were able to capture some of the most intense moments in history, such as: war, terrorism, hunger, and olympic winnings. 

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